August 24, 2021

Treatment for Tinnitus that Works - Yes... They Do Exist

The most common form of tinnitus is the continuous type usually triggered by nerve damaged hearing loss, loud noise exposure, trauma, stress, etc. The typical doctor's answer for tinnitus treatment is that there really isn't one other than to learn to live with it.

However, that is not quite true... There IS treatment for tinnitus, just not a single bullet proof one. Furthermore, tinnitus treatment in and of itself is not covered by insurance and as such, tinnitus treatment can become quite expensive as one tries different treatment strategies in the search to find something that does help. 

The general strategy I take with my patients to treat non-pulsatile, continuous tinnitus is as follows taking into consideration cost as well as amount of supporting research. You do not have to follow these exact steps, but it is the sequence that I typically follow. Please note, a hearing test is ESSENTIAL before starting a treatment path, even if you do not feel you have any hearing loss. If asymmetric nerve hearing loss is present, an MRI scan through the inner ear is ordered to ensure no physical abnormality is present causing the tinnitus. You can take a free online hearing test here.

To share with others what only you can hear, try the free tinnitus matching tool here!

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3: Start some type of neuromodulating program

Level 4:


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