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November 28, 2021

Surgical Removal of Eyelid Cancer

As an ENT, we have been trained to removed all sorts of cancerous and non-cancerous lesions of the face whether the cheek, lip, or even the eyelid! However, there are certain locations on the face where even if trained to remove such lesions and reconstruct the surgical defect, it is best left to be performed by experts even more specialized than ENTs. The eyelid is one such location where lesions are best removed by the true experts known as "oculoplastic surgeons." Their background…
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How Middle Ear Bones Can be Replaced with Implants

Hip replacements, knee replacements are surgical operations everyone has heard of... but did you know that the bones of the middle ear can also be replaced with implants? Though ear bone replacements are not as common as their orthopedic cousins, they are options when the malleus, incus, or stapes become damaged or fixated resulting in hearing loss. Ear bone replacements can potentially improve if not restore hearing in these situations. Here are 4 different animations showing different types …
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How Lip Cancer is Surgically Removed

Lip cancer is fairly common given its location on the face and typical lack of SPF protection compared to facial skin for which suntan lotion is more commonly applied. There are MANY different ways lip cancer can be removed depending on 4 specific factors: • Size • Location • Cancer Depth • Involvement of the Lip Corner or Not The animation above shows the most common way to surgical address lip cancer when it is small and does not involve the lip corner. The animations below show other ways li…
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October 30, 2021

Hearing Loss Simulator (Listen to How Hearing Loss Effects Speech Understanding)

Ever wonder what a person with significant hearing loss goes through? Ever wonder exactly why they keep asking to repeat things? This hearing loss simulator is one of the best available online allowing a user to mimic different types of hearing loss by adjusting the decibel hearing loss for each frequency measured on a standard hearing test. Using headphones, the user can even create different hearing loss patterns between ears, or simply play the average hearing loss to both ears. Please not…
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October 24, 2021

Where Does Earwax Come From? What Does it Look Like Under High Zoom???

Questions regarding earwax appear to be quite common... Where does it come from? What is it made of? Why is mine black? Why does it smell? How come I have so much. How come I have so little? How do I get rid of it? In any case, two videos shown here utilizing superzoom and ultramacro along with standard high magnification have been created to address most of these questions...
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