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March 06, 2019

What is That Bump Behind the Tongue?

Typically in young children, I often have worried parents ask me what that bump is behind the tongue. This bump kind of looks like the picture shown here. The good news is that it is NORMAL and is called the epiglottis. An epiglottis is the "throat flap" the helps prevent food and liquids from going down the wrong way. Although occasionally the epiglottis can even be seen in adults looking in the mouth, this anatomic structure is typically most easily seen in cooperative children. …
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February 21, 2019

6 Common Causes of Ear Pain in Adults and Older Kids (VIDEO)

It is nearly universal that when an adult or older child complains of ear pain , an infection is thought to be the cause... EXCEPT if you are in an ENT clinic where patients with ear pain are routinely seen and found to have no ear infection at all! If an ear pain is not due to an ear infection , than what can it be due to? This video describes 6 different but common causes of ear pain  including an ear infection. Check it out!
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February 17, 2019

Nosebleed Cauterization in Kids and Aftercare (VIDEO)

A new video has been uploaded describing how silver nitrate cauterization is performed in kids to help stop persistent  nosebleeds as well as aftercare required for proper healing. The information also applies to adults as well. Check it out! To watch what happens internally as well as to watch how electric cauterization of nosebleeds is performed, what this video instead . To see how nasal packing is performed for SEVERE nosebleeds, watch the video below. Nasal packing is typically…
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February 03, 2019

There are FIVE Different Types of Botox Available in the Market

Not many people know that there are now FIVE different types of  botox  available and FDA approved for use in the United States. The five botox products are as follows (the newest one being Jeauveu as of 2/1/19): 1)  Botox by Allergan 2)  Myobloc by Solstice Neurosciences 3)  Dysport by Ipsen, Ltd 4)  Xeomin by Merz 5)  Jeuveau by Evlous Obviously, Botox by Allergan was the first and most popular to the point where its product name "botox" is being used interchangeably to m…
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January 05, 2019

Ways to Surgically Correct Velopharyngeal Insufficiency (VPI)

Recently, a video was created describing a medical condition called velopharyngeal insufficiency or VPI. This medical condition is characterized by hypernasal speech and if severe enough, food and liquid nasal regurgitation during swallow. Essentially, VPI is due to a persistent opening between the soft palate and back wall during speech. This continuous opening allows air escape during speech and food/liquid nasal regurgitation during swallow if severe enough. A new video (shown above)…
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December 22, 2018

What is Velopharyngeal Insufficiency (VPI)? [VIDEO]

Velopharyngeal insufficiency or VPI is a difficult medical condition for patients who are not medical professionals to understand. This video attempts to explain what VPI is... VPI is a medical condition characterized by hypernasal speech and if severe enough, food and liquid nasal regurgitation during swallow. During normal speech and swallow, the soft palate closes tight against the back wall of the pharynx thereby completely separating the nasal cavity from the mouth. In patients s…
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