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February 20, 2021

Heller Myotomy with Dor Fundoplication to Treat Achalasia Video

In patients suffering from achalasia, the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) remains abnormally closed preventing food and liquids from easily passing into the stomach, especially given weak or even absent esophageal peristalsis. Food is essentially falling by gravity after swallowing . Given the delay in food passage into the stomach, the lower esophagus dilates. Symptoms stem from food failing to clear the LES leading to food regurgitation, difficulty swallowing, and even chest pain. Interesti…
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Kids Can Also Perform Sinus Rinses [VIDEO]

Sinus rinses or nasal flushing with saltwater is a well-known natural way to minimize risk from recurrent sinus infections as well as reduce allergy symptoms. Although most adults are able to perform this cleansing ritual without any problems, many young kids express far more reluctance if not outright objection to what they perceive as a potentially horrible experience. The video above demonstrates that young children can perform sinus rinses without any problems too! In this particular vid…
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January 22, 2021

Growths of the Ear Canal (Osteomas and Exostosis)

Ear Canal Exostosis. Image from Wikipedia . A not uncommon reason for an ENT visit are abnormal growths seen in the ear canal known as osteomas or exostoses. These growths are often found incidentally during a routine exam and are only found in the bony part of the ear canal, typically located a little over 1 cm past the ear canal opening. Ear canal osteomas and exostoses are painless and non-cancerous. They are analogous to a foot bunion, but located in the ear. The vast majority of times, not…
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Video Showing How Earwax Can be Removed at Home

Video above demonstrates how an earwax syringe is used to flush earwax out which can be performed in both adults in kids. It has a special tip that shoots out 3 separate streams of water directed towards the ear canal wall. The tip also contains vents to allow water exit.
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January 08, 2021

Video of Feeding Or Swallowing Problems Due to High Plate or Tongue Tie

With a normal swallow , food and liquids move from the mouth into the esophagus directed by a precise sequence of coordinated muscle movements. However, in babies and young toddlers, the presence of a tongue tie and/or high palate disrupts this sequence by making it much more challenging for the tongue to initiate an efficient and effective swallow. Occasionally, it may even lead to choking or gagging. Watch the video to understand why this happens.
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Video Showing the 4 Stages of Swallowing: Biomechanics & Bolus Movement

With a normal swallow , food and liquids move from the mouth into the esophagus directed by a precise sequence of coordinated muscle movements. In order to adequately describe the biomechanics and bolus movement during swallow, the 4 stage model was developed: Oral Prepatory Stage, Oral Transit Stage, Pharyngeal Stage, and Esophageal Stage. The animation describes each of these stages which provides the necessary background knowledge in order to understand when swallowing is abnormal.
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