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July 16, 2021

Downloadable Text to Lifelike Speech Including Foreign Language Translations

Dr. Chang is an otolaryngologist, but did you know that he is also the webmaster and programmer of the Fauquier ENT practice website ? The website was coded from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3 based on his experience in computer programming he learned in college, though never majored in it. He also makes ENT videos and animations , now numbering over 250 videos, which you can watch on YouTube . His next most recent venture is the creation of a new startup business, Global TTS , to help animators…
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June 19, 2021

Hiccup Cure with the HiccAway Device

Skeptical? I sure was... But Texas researchers appear to have developed a truly legitimate product with limited published research to back it up... and numerous 5 star reviews on Amazon . Fairly expensive for a device that looks and works like a straw, the "forced inspiratory suction and swallow" gadget dubbed HiccAway straw has a low-cost design and straightforward mode of action. With use, it stimulates both the phrenic and vagus nerves which are both responsible for hiccups. How…
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June 16, 2021

Blood Test to Check for HPV+ Throat Cancer

There is now a blood test called NavDx that is commercially available that can evaluate for the presence of throat cancer due to HPV. HPV throat cancer has become one of the most common causes of throat cancer in young adults surpassing even smoking and alcohol. For years, there have been blood biomarkers for other types of cancer including breast cancer and prostate cancer, but not for throat cancer until now.  Keep in mind that NavDx can only detect for the presence of HPV initiated throat …
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June 12, 2021

What is that Mass Behind the Palate?

Nasal Polyp When a patient presents with a concern that they see something coming down from behind the palate, there are three possible answers. One is cancer which will not be discussed further. The other two possibilities which are much more common, especially in young adults and children, are either low-lying large adenoids or nasal polyps .  If the mass is smooth surfaced with a somewhat translucent surface, it most likely is a nasal polyp . If it has a lumpy texture, it is probably large …
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What Allergy Medication Should I Take? Can I Take More Than One?

One of the most common reasons patients come to see an ENT doctor are for allergy complaints... Not the fact that allergy symptoms are present... but why symptoms are not getting better after trying one or more different types of allergy medications. An underlying question is what is the best allergy medication to take for their specific symptoms. Another is whether more than one can be taken safely (follow up question would be which combination of allergy medications are OK). In order to answe…
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June 11, 2021

Simple "Sticker" Treatment for Patulous Eustachian Tube?

In a normal human middle ear, there is a tunnel that connects to the back of the nose. When pressure builds up in the middle ear such as going up in an airplane, an individual is able to "pop" the ear thereby releasing the pressure and alleviating the clogging sensation. When this tunnel, called the eustachian tube, becomes swollen shut, an individual is unable to pop the  ear causing a persistent  clogged ear sensation . This particular scenario is called  Eustachian Tube Dysfunction…
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Allergy Medications Explained - Can You Take More Than One?

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