August 31, 2021

Online Sound Generation for Patients to Replicate Tinnitus (Continuous, Pulsatile, or Arrhythmic Clicking)

There is nothing more frustrating than to hear a sound that nobody else can hear. The most common form of such subjective ear ringing is known as continuous tinnitus. There is also rhythmic pulsatile tinnitus or arhythmic ear clicking that can also affect patients and include conditions like carotid bruit, venous hum, middle ear mycolonus, etc.

In order for patients to replicate what they hear in order to share with others their particular sound, there are two different online sound generators that patients can use.

For continuous tinnitus, there is the online tinnitus matching program.

For pulsatile tinnitus and ear clicking, there is the online pulsatile tinnitus matching program.

Both are free and allow for patients to save their tinnitus settings as a unique link that can be shared, emailed, etc.

Check it out! Or share with friends/family who suffer from tinnitus!

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