November 21, 2020

Otomagnetics to Treat Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and Ear Infections

On a daily basis, patients always ask if there is anything "new" in the treatment of annoying tinnitus or sudden hearing loss beyond the standard medical regimen that has been employed with only limited success for past several decades. Usually, I have to regretfully say unfortunately not...

BUT, I recently was introduced to a potential new technology that holds promise to bring significant therapeutic relief above and beyond what has been offered presently. Called Otomagnetics, it utilizes a magnetic field to actively direct nanoparticles carrying drugs directly into the inner ear. The nanoparticles themselves are made from materials already approved by the FDA to injection into the body.

This technology can also be used to deliver drugs into the eyeball so eye injections will no longer be needed. Same with painful skin conditions like diabetic ulcers.

However, this technology is currently in the investigational stages and NOT approved by the FDA currently. BUT, it is something on the horizon that may become commercially available at some point in the near future!

For more information, please check out their website.

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