September 29, 2020

New Videos on Reflux and the LINX Surgery to Surgically Correct Reflux

Reflux is a very common disorder that affects many patients. Although most suffer from heartburn, a not insignificant number of patients suffer from symptoms affecting only the throat including globus, phlegmy throat, throat-clearing, and sore throat. Reflux causing throat only symptoms is called LPR or laryngopharyngeal reflux. With permission from Ethicon who created some very nice animations regarding reflux and the LINX surgery, I have re-edited the original animations to be more patient friendly and informative.

The above animation is specifically about reflux whereas the animations below (which includes the reflux part) additionally contains information on the LINX surgery to surgically correct reflux. The first video contains only the animation whereas the 2nd version also includes actual surgical footage performed by Dr. Kevin Gillian.

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