August 07, 2020

Treatment for Dry Nose or Recurrent Nosebleeds Using Ponaris

Whenever the nose becomes excessively dry, especially during the winter, the nasal lining may become excessively dry leading to irritation and even nosebleeds if the nasal mucosa becomes chapped. This situation can also occur during a humid summer if lots of time is spent indoors with air conditioning. This product is also recommended to use daily for patients prone to nosebleeds due to taking a blood thinner like coumadin or plavix.

Analagous to chapped lips, an oil-based nasal emollient should be used to help resolve a dry nose that becomes prone to nosebleeds. Usually once a nose becomes chapped, water-based interventions like saltwater nasal sprays will not work just like applying water to chapped lips will also not work.

One of the best nasal emollients for a dry nose prone to nosebleeds is ponaris available over-the-counter including Amazon.

Watch the video to see how to properly apply ponaris!

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