July 18, 2020

Fauquier ENT YouTube Channel Now "Verified" by YouTube for Authenticity

Fauquier ENT's YouTube Channel has been "Verified" by YouTube and joins the select few which YouTube has felt meets their heightened criteria for proof of authenticity. The verification badge is denoted by the grey checkmark next to the name. Having the verification checkmark beside a channel name is a sign of being one of the most prominent members of the YouTube community.

The criteria for verification due to prominence essentially looks at whether a YouTube creator or channel is recognizable enough both in and outside of YouTube that the company needs to authenticate them. These new verification rules may also effectively moderate search results and recommendations which unfortunately is an area where the company has faced widespread criticism, especially from those whose channels are not verified. YouTube executives have said they want to work on ensuring that the algorithm recommends authentic and authoritative videos from well-known and respected creators when it comes to several topics and YouTube's verification program is one way of doing that.

Regardless, it's nice that Fauquier ENT is considered highly enough by YouTube to receive a verification badge!

As of July 18, 2020, we now have over 156,000 subscribers and get over 80,000 views a day.

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