January 06, 2020

9 Different Cough Types in Kids

I often see adults with a chronic cough that has been going on for months if not years, but this condition is quite rare. What is WAY more common is a child who develops a bad cough which often suggests some type of illness prompting a visit to the Pediatrician. Unlike an adult with a bad cough which either sounds dry or wet, a child with a bad cough often has a more varied sound quality due to their smaller airway diameters.

That's why experienced pediatricians often can tell what illness a child has simply by listening to what the cough sounds like.

In the video above, 9 different pediatric cough sounds are revealed along with associated symptoms. The cough sounds were obtained with the cooperation of a colleague affiliated with a Children's Hospital (both to remain unnamed).

The following pediatric cough types are demonstrated in the video:

- Croup
- Viral Cold
- Asthma
- Flu
- Whooping Cough
- Pneumonia
- Bronchitis
- Reflux Cough
- Allergic Cough

The type of coughs ENT doctors most often see are the reflux or allergic cough. The other cough types are more often diagnosed and treated by pediatricians and family doctors.


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