December 12, 2019

Alternatives to EpiPen

For a very long time, EpiPen was the only game in town with respect to emergency epinephrine injection for severe allergic anaphylactic reactions. Also for a long time, the EpiPen list price was only $50, but in 2007 when Mylan purchased the rights to the EpiPen, it hiked the price up to $600.

In the ensuing uproar, Mylan did come out with a cheaper generic version of the EpiPen with a list price of only $300.

However, several new competing products have come out to capitalize over the high prices of EpiPen. With greater competition, the hope is that lifesaving epinephrine auto-injectors cost as a whole will decrease for consumers with time.

So what are some of these alternatives to EpiPen? Keep in mind that they all basically do the same thing and at least for now, they all list for around $300... out-of-pocket costs may actually be much lower depending on insurance coverage as well as any rebates offered.




Zeneo (Currently not on the market, but this one is interesting in that it is NEEDLE-LESS. More info on this product can be found here.)

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