August 17, 2018

New Video Showing How a Cleft Lip Repair is Performed

A new video has been created showing how a unilateral complete cleft lip repair is surgically performed. This animation was created to help patients and their families understand how this type of repair is performed for educational purposes. This animation was created with the help of Dr. Jared Christophel at University of Virginia.

There are many ways to perform cleft lip repair including the LeMesurier quadrilateral flap repair, Randall-Tennison triangular flap repair, Millard rotation-advancement repair, and Skoog and Kernahan-Bauer upper and lower lip Z-plasty repairs, etc. However, the Millard technique is perhaps the most common procedure performed for cleft lip repair and is the method that is shown in the animations.

During my surgical training, I always found it difficult to visualize in my mind exactly how a cleft lip repair is performed. Pictures and diagrams only help so much. I can't imagine how much more difficult it is for parents without a medical background if even I had difficulty understanding how the surgical repair is performed.

In any case, hopefully this animation provides helpful visual education in this difficult surgical repair.

Video meant more for healthcare professionals can be watched here.

Animation created by O2Labz.

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