July 04, 2018

Video of Nasal Packing for Severe Nosebleed Control

Although the vast majority of nosebleeds are more annoying than life-threatening, some are so severe that an ER visit is required. At other times, nosebleeds occur not unexpectedly after sinus surgery, rhinoplasty, or some other type of nasal surgery. The video above demonstrates how such severe nosebleeds are typically controlled with nasal packing. This procedure is most commonly performed in the ER, operating room, or ENT office.

Special shout-out to Nick Gallo of Physical Therapy 101 who made this video possible by volunteering to be the patient and get his nose packed.

Less severe, but still significant nosebleeds may be controlled with more conservative interventions like nose pinching or silver nitrate cauterization as shown in the video below.

General nosebleed information can be found here. As an aside, a totally under-rated intervention that should be tried at home for minor nosebleeds is ponaris, an oil-based nasal emollient that is analogous to chapstick for chapped, cracked, and bleeding lips. Way better than vaseline and saline nasal spray (my personal opinion).

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