September 14, 2016

Watch Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Develop Over Time

Watch this powerful time-lapse video demonstrating the development of antibiotic resistance in E. coli bacteria over time. E. coli starts out at the edges of the petri dish where no antibiotics are present. Over time, mutations develop allowing E. coli to not only resist the antibiotics, but to thrive allowing it to grow towards the center where antibiotics are present at 1000x the concentration of the minimal amount initially required to kill E. coli bacteria.

Scared? You should be... A similar process is what led to the development of MRSA and why you hear stories of even young individuals dying from bacterial infections.

Spatiotemporal microbial evolution on antibiotic landscapes. Science 9/9/16

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InvenitMundo said...

World Health Organization has made a list of the most dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The list, which was released Monday, enumerates 12 bacterial threats, grouping them into three categories: critical, high, and medium. As we see these bacteria and viruses constantly adapt and evolve, I would not be surprised if in the next decade, we will meet again with a virus like the plague that decimated the population of the planet.

You can view WHO list on my blog

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