September 10, 2016

Do Nasal Sprays Cause Glaucoma or Cataracts?

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Steroid nasal sprays are very commonly used by patients to treat sino-nasal allergies.  However, a common concern of some patients as well as their eye doctors is that such nasal sprays may cause or exacerbate glaucoma or cataracts. After all, oral steroids and inhaled steroids (for asthma) is associated with such eye problems due to systemic absorption.

Indeed, there is a constant (but collegial) dispute between ENT and EYE doctors on this risk of cataracts and glaucoma with steroid nasal spray use. Namely, ENT doctors feel it perfectly safe to use while EYE doctors argue differently.

Studies have already shown that there is no systemic absorption of steroids administered via nasal spray at normal use dosages. That's why such steroid nasal sprays are safe to use regularly even in young children. It's safety profile is so good that it's even available over-the-counter. You can even buy them on Amazon!

But what specifically does the evidence say?

Two large studies of patients using nasal sprays found NO association with glaucoma or cataracts. One was a case-control study of more than 9,700 patients and the other study was a retrospective observational study of more than 286,000 patients.

Other corroborating studies listed below under references.

To be fair, however, there are occasional case reports linking glaucoma with steroid nasal sprays. Only one study in particular with a study group of only 12 patients suggested steroid nasal sprays exacerbate glaucoma and stopping use may result in decreased intra-ocular pressure.

But overall, there is overwhelming support that steroid nasal sprays are safe for patients from a glaucoma and cataract perspective. BUT, if a patient has glaucoma that is not being easily controlled, than it may be worthwhile to try stopping the nasal sprays to see if it helps.

As an aside, decongestant nasal sprays have been found to actively REDUCE risk of glaucoma [link]. Too bad it can't be used regularly due to risk of addiction however.

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