December 16, 2015

If Justin Bieber Wears Ear Plugs, You Should Too!

Washington Post 12/14/15 (Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)
Saw this picture and related article in the Washington Post depicting Justin Bieber wearing ear plugs to protect his hearing. The point being, audience members should also be wearing ear plugs to protect their hearing as well.

It's not just the elderly who now needs hearing aids, but even younger folks now with all the loud music they are subjecting their ears to.

As the article points out, the ear plugs should be all the way in the ear canal to be truly effective and not stick out as Justin uses it.

When it’s noisy, even Justin Bieber wears earplugs. Washington Post 12/14/15

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Unknown said...

I to experienced similar problem with loud music when i attended a concert. I dint able to hear till 5 Hrs what my family is talking about and there is severe pain in my Ears. So i consulted ENT Specialist near my home town(Anupama Hospitals, Hyderabad, India), he explained every thing about the problem and prescribed Ear plug to wear whenever i attend a concert for a month and gave some pills. After one month the pain is gone and i no need to wear any ear plugs now. Thanks Doctor.

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