December 27, 2015

Flexible Endoscopic Treatment of Zenker's Diverticulum

Having treated many patients with Zenker's Diverticulum using the endoscopic approach, I've had patients from all over the world contact me to determine whether I can help them or not... some specifically asking if I can perform the flexible endoscopic approach. However, I employ a rigid endoscopic approach rather than using a flexible endoscopic technique.

For those unfamiliar with this disorder, click here for more information. If you just want to skip to the doctors who perform the flexible approach, go to the bottom.

The basic concept of treating this rare disorder is that there is a common wall that divides the esophagus from the diverticulum pouch. This common wall is endoscopically divided such that the pouch now becomes the new back wall of the esophagus. So when the patient swallows, food/liquids can no longer get "trapped" causing symptoms.

Here is a picture demonstrating the rigid technique to exposing the Zenker's diverticulum that I employ. The pouch is denoted by the arrow.

When looking through an endoscope placed into the mouth down into the throat, there is a common wall that is between the pouch (blue arrow) and esophagus (green arrow).

Endoscopically, whether using a stapler or laser, this wall is divided down the middle. The picture shown below is when a stapler is used.

After the procedure, any food/liquid substances that are swallowed can't be trapped in the pouch. Therefore, even though nothing is surgically removed, the patient's swallowing symptoms completely disappear.

Flexible Approach

When employing a flexible rather than a rigid endoscopic approach, no rigid instruments are used. Rather, an endoscope identical to that employed by a gastroenterologist when performing an EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy) is utilized. The flexible technique was first introduced in 1995 in the Netherlands and Brazil. The specific advantage for the flexible over the rigid approach include being able to address Zenker's pouches that can not be visualized using the rigid technique due to anatomy.

The flexible endoscope is threaded through the mouth down to where the common wall is located and division is performed typically by cautery or laser. There are very few doctors who employ this technique, almost all of whom are actually GI and not ENT doctors. The vast majority of research being performed to figure out the best possible flexible approach is being done in Europe and Brazil... not the United States. See references below.

However, there are a few rare North-American based doctors that appear to be investigating (and performing) the flexible rather than rigid approach to treating Zenker's diverticulum, the 2 most prominent doctors being:

UNC-Chapel Hill: Dr. Todd Baron (used to be at Mayo)
Mississippi: Dr. Shou Tang
Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Dr. Chris Teshima
Miami, Florida: Dr. Donald Weed

Otherwise, you'll probably have to fly to Europe or Brazil. Why is this flexible approach so rare in the United States? It's because this approach is considered more "dangerous" with a higher risk of complications.

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