August 03, 2015

How Many Basic Tastes Do We Have? Four? Five? Six? More?

As children, we all learn that there are 4 basic tastes: salty, sweet, sour, and bitter. Umami (savory) was discovered in 1909, but recognized more generally since the 1980s.

But there have been a number of other additional basic tastes also proposed that many may not have heard of:

Should one include taste senses due to the somatosensory system, one can potentially include these basic tastes:

  • Pungency, spiciness, hotness
  • Coolness
  • Numbness
  • Astringency
  • Temperature

However, "officially," only 5 basic tastes are currently recognized: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami. With time, others may become "officially" recognized, but be aware that these additional taste senses do exist.

Did you also know that the tongue taste map is a lie? Read more here.

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