July 30, 2015

Is Suppressing a Sneeze Bad For You?

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Also known medically as the "closed-airway sneeze," it may be socially preferable, but healthwise may be harmful if not dangerous.

With a sneeze, tremendous air pressure is created in the lungs which ideally should be released out the mouth... but if internalized to prevent release out the mouth, can cause immense pressure to buildup internally which may cause significant damage ranging from minor to severe requiring hospitalization.

Although most of the time, no adverse health consequences occur, here are some of the reported damage that has happened by stifling a sneeze:

Breaking the cartilage around the voicebox
Cervical pain
Facial fracture
Rupturing the eardrum
Rib fractures
Eye damage
Vision damage
Spinal injury
Arterial rupture
Hematoma formation in the neck and other locations
• Vocal cord damage

So do as Elsa of Frozen fame would say/do... "Let it go!!!"

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