July 04, 2015

How Much Can You Insure Your Vocal Cords For?

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If you are a professional singer, it could be in the millions... Although neither singer has ever confirmed these rumors...

Bruce Springsteen supposedly insured his vocal cords for a $5.7 million policy in 1988.

Adam Lambert was rumored to have insured his vocal cords for $48 million.

Both policies allegedly provided by Lloyd's of London.

I wonder how much mine would be valued at?

Given popular singers have been dropping like flies from vocal cord damage resulting in canceled tours and millions of dollars in lost ticket sales... It certainly makes sense that professional singers should insure their vocal cords.

Chad Kroeger - June 2015
• Sam Smith - April 2015
• Nathan Sykes - April 2013
• Nicki Manaj - August 2012
• Florence Welch - July 2012
• Maxwell - June 2012
• Keith Urban - Nov 2011
• John Mayer - September 2011
• Scott Weiland - September 2011

I can imagine the kind of questions the insurer will ask when determining how much the yearly premium would be:

1) Do you regularly attend loud parties? (Loud social talking can damage the vocal cords)
2) Do you drink plenty of fluids?
3) Do you have reflux? (Reflux can damage the vocal cords)
4) Do you maintain a healthy diet that avoids all caffeine, alcohol, and fatty/fried foods?
5) Do you have a voice coach you work with regularly?
6) Do you have an ENT who regularly checks your vocal cords for any damage?
etc, etc.

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