July 04, 2015

Christopher Chang, MD Doppelgangers

Every once in a blue moon, I (Christopher Chang, MD) get contacted meant for one of my doppelgängers who has the same name as me and also a physician. However, I recently received one phone call that was particularly interesting as it came from the surgery department of INOVA Fairfax, a hospital system 45 minutes east of where I work.

As I was talking on the phone, mentally I was thinking... What in the world is the person talking about? Plastic surgery? Need to attend a meeting? WHO IS THIS??? Finally interrupting the person on the other line, I stated I was thoroughly confused and we both realized that I was not the correct Christopher Chang, MD.

And that triggered a google search for who my doppelgänger was... Oddly, it was in a New York Times wedding section article that I finally found HIM! Of course, there are many Christopher Chang, MD throughout the United States, but this guy was just a little too similar that patients may get confused.

In any case, here's a comparison...

The Original (Me) The Doppelganger
College Yale University Harvard University
Specialty ENT Plastic Surgery
Medical School Yale University School of Medicine NYU School of Medicine
Residency Duke University Medical Center Yale-New Haven Hospital
Fellowship Laryngology in Portland, Oregon Craniofacial Surgery at Johns Hopkins
Office Location Warrenton, VA Fairfax, VA
Hospital Privileges Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton, VA INOVA Fairfax in Fairfax, VA
In Practice Since 2005 2015
Picture with Wife

Image from NYT 2/13/10

Hopefully patients will not get confused between the two of us.

Here are my other doppelgängers who are less likely to cause patient confusion:

Fauquier blog
Fauquier ENT

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