January 06, 2013

How To Create a Customized Fancy Email Signature

Have you ever wondered how some people obtained those really fancy looking email signatures at the end of their emails? I've always wondered how they did that as well. And until recently, I just looked on with envy until I took the time to figure it out. Here's an image of one I created for myself:

So how did I do it?

Well, there's the free way and the not-free way.

Of course, the not-free way is perhaps the easiest way to obtain a fancy email signature. Wisestamp is perhaps the best known one. Though they have a limited free version, more customization is possible if you pay a subscription fee. The other major downside (as of 1/6/13) is that there's no support for the Mac mail.app that I use 99% of the time for emails.

Than there is the free way (or ONLY way if you are a Mac mail.app user) which is the direction I took. It takes a bit more time and effort along with some basic HTML programming knowledge, but you can make it exactly the way you want it to appear.

To understand how to create customized email signatures yourself, I introduce you to Timmy Cai who has taken the time to write a how-to blog article. He also offers a service to make one for you for a single one-time set fee rather than a subscription.

In any case, here are his how-to articles depending on what email program you use:

Mac Microsoft Outlook 2011
• Mac Microsoft Outlook 2010
Mac mail.app (OS 10.8)
Mac mail.app (OS 10.7) 
Mac mail.app (OS 10.6)


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