January 07, 2013

Arena Stage 'My Fair Lady' Laid Low by the Flu with Performance Cancellations

It has been an early and bad start to the flu season in the DC metro area. It is just the beginning of the traditional 3 month flu season and flu numbers have already exceeded last year's.

Although professional singers may feel they should have a special exemption from this debilitating illness which also adversely affects the voice, it is not to be...

The flu has literally crippled performances of "My Fair Lady" at the Arena Stage this season with two show cancellations and another possible show cancellation this past Saturday Jan 5, 2013 when both the lead singer AND understudy were unable to perform due to laryngitis. It was not just the lead singer out with the flu, but also 3 other parts which fortunately did have understudy coverage. [more]

However, rather than canceling the show, the show did go on with the lead role being performed by a member of the regular ensemble with script in hand and only a few hours of rehearsal.

Sounds like an episode of the TV show "Smash," but apparently the ensemble singer Hannah Willman did spectacularly well.

I'm also sure Arena Stage breathed a sigh of relief not just for the standing ovation, but also because it was the show's last weekend.

‘My Fair Lady’ replacement shines at Arena Stage in an unforgettable evening. Washington Post 1/6/13

Flu spreading earlier, faster than usual this season. Washington Post 1/6/13
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Glen Hellman said...

My Fair Lady started with the stand-in for the understudy yesterday and 10 minutes and 3 songs into the play, she failed to make her entrance. The play was subsequently canceled.

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