July 01, 2012

Motley Crue Bassist Facing Sinus Surgery

Dr. Feelgood may be just a song by Motley Crue, but the band's bassist, Nikki Sixx may be facing sinus surgery.

Per his twitter comment on June 27, 2012:
"Spent a lot of the day at the doctors. The 80s and the damage done. Yes the sinuses are a mess. Eventual surgery. The price we pay."
Typically, before sinus surgery is considered in a patient who is suffering from recurrent sinus infections, a workup is required followed by maximal medical management.

A typical workup includes a CT sinus scan, allergy testing, and nasal endoscopy. If allergy testing is significant, aggressive allergy management is required prior to surgical consideration.

Depending on the CT scan and endoscopic findings, there are two "flavors" of sinus surgery: traditional and balloon sinuplasty.

In traditional sinus surgery, otherwise known as functional endoscopic sinus surgery, is when all sinus disease is physically removed endoscopically from the nose and sinus entrances are enlarged.

Balloon sinuplasty is when the sinus openings are enlarged using a balloon and can potentially be performed in the office assuming no anatomic contraindications (significant deviated septum, nasal polyps, etc).

Exactly what type of sinus surgery Nikki Sixx will pursue is not clear, but regardless of what method is selected, there will be a period of recovery afterwards which almost certainly will include saltwater sinus rinses.

Our office provides both sinus surgery options as well as in-office sinus surgery.

Nikki Sixx needs surgery for sinus problems. SFGate 6/28/12
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