June 30, 2012

New Medical Device to Cure Excessive Sweating

Everybody sweats, but some sweat more than others to the point where even constant anti-perspirant usage is insufficient.

Beyond botox which is painful and lasts only a few months, options have been few until now...

A new medical device called Miradry destroys sweat glands by heating up the junction between the second and third layer of the skin using microwave after sucking up secretions. Before the procedure, numbing injections are required.

A company study shows patients who used Miradry experienced an 82 percent reduction in sweat over 18 months. Patients may require the procedure to be repeated for ultimate sweat control.

So far, it is available ONLY for underarm treatment.

However, for those with excessive facial sweating, botox injections or robinul medication is still the only treatment, but who knows... perhaps Miradry will soon be available for the face/neck area at some point.

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