January 10, 2012

Woman Coughs Out Her Throat Cancer

It was reported today a woman literally coughed out a previously undiagnosed throat cancer... and cured herself of it.

She apparently felt a tickle in her throat forcing her to cough... and spat out a 2 cm large mass. No kidding...

The mass was sent to pathology and was diagnosed to be malignant and was told she only had a 50% chance of survival.

To ensure no cancer was left behind, she underwent radiological scans as well as additional biopsies in the base of tongue region where the mass probably originated from and no further trace of cancer was found.

She is very lucky as most base of tongue cancers that's 2 cm large usually requires not only surgery, but also chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

As the report stated, the cancer was probably on a thin stalk (like a lollipop) that allowed her to cough the entire cancer out!

Woman in clear after coughing up a cancerous throat tumour. Mirror.co.uk 1/11/2012

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