January 14, 2012

Nasal Hair Removal and Nasal Sores

It is not unusual that I encounter a patient who develops crusting and sores around the entrance to the nose where coincidentally nasal hair is found... in both men and women.

Other complaints/symptoms beyond crusting and sores include:

• Skin Splitting
• Pimple/Acne Formation
• Scabbing
• Ulcers

People often try applying lotion, neosporin, or cortisone cream... which does help, but not completely with recurrent flareups.

The most common triggers I find that lead to such recurrent sores are nose-picking and nasal hair removal.

The best thing is to avoid doing either... but... if one must...

Nose picking is pretty self-explanatory, but nasal hair removal does require some clarification.

People often use tweezers or even their fingers to pull the offending long nasal hair out for either cosmetic or annoyance reasons.

Yanking nasal hair out is not a good idea beyond the watery eyes it may bring. It causes micro-trauma to the surrounding skin and hair follicle that may lead to infection. Furthermore, just like any other place on the body where hair is removed, ingrown hair growth can also occur.

Aha! one might say... Use an electric nasal hair cutter! That's a good idea, but make sure it does not cut down to the skin for the same reasons as stated above. Also, ensure the blades are kept sharp to prevent hair pulling.

There are good nasal hair cutters and there are bad ones...

From personal testing of a variety of nasal hair cutters, I like the Groom Mate Platinum XL.

I'm sure there are other good ones, but it may also come down to personal preference.

Now, if there's an active recurrent nasal sore that's not healing, the best way to treat it is with prescription cortisporin ointment.

However, best to have a doctor to check it out as there are other more malicious reasons for a nasal sore including skin cancer.

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