July 12, 2011

New Webpage on Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis (or Fixation)

We have written up a new webpage discussing the unfortunate situation of bilateral vocal cord paralysis whereby both breathing and vocal quality is adversely affected.

Treatment for bilateral vocal cord paralysis is difficult and there is no perfect solution. Treatment to improve breathing usually makes the voice worse. Treatment to improve the voice usually makes the breathing worse. The best (but not perfect) treatment tries to pick a happy medium to address the breathing while trying not to hurt the voice too much, though some degradation in vocal quality is to be expected. Such treatment includes posterior cordotomy +/- medial arytenoidectomy.

In another situation, the patient may have bilateral vocal cord fixation resulting in the appearance of vocal cord paralysis, but is potentially "curable" with normal breathing and normal voice being the goal.

Click here to read more! Video and audio also included.

To read more about UNILATERAL vocal cord paralysis, click here. Treatment is completely different than for bilateral vocal cord paralysis.
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