April 20, 2010

Not Only Can House Dust Cause Allergies, They Harbor Bacteria That May Lead to Asthma

House dust already has a bad reputation for causing allergies and sino-nasal congestion misery. Now there's another reason to hate dust...

In the April 2010 issue of the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, researchers have found bacterial populations in household dust may determine whether or not a child living in that home develops asthma.

In the paper titled "Environmental Determinants of and Impact on Childhood Asthma by the Bacterial Community in Household Dust" researchers found "that the dominant bacterial populations in household dust are significantly influenced by environmental variables such as domestic animals and day care attendance. Further, the dominant bacterial populations are significantly correlated to asthma-related outcomes, supporting the hypothesis that the types of microorganisms present in homes in early life may play key roles in the development of childhood asthma."

Read the research abstract here.

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Hillary Blundell said...

You can always clean your house to get rid of dusts. But if your house as an air duct and that air duct is dirty, the dust will always be there.

This is coming from my experience. You see, my brother's house in Indianapolis had a dirty air duct. His child has an asthma and dusts were triggering it. We immediately thought of the air ducts because they always clean the house. My brother looked for an HVAC (Indianapolis Based) company that can inspect and maintain his air ducts. We were right when they told us that my brother has a really dirty air duct. The Indianapolis heating and air conditioning company even told us that a dirty air duct accumulates dust, molds, and even bacterias that causes allergies and asthma!

So, if you want to lessen the accumulation of dusts inside your home, check your air ducts too.

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