January 25, 2010

Cold Urticaria (aka, Allergy to Cold Temperatures)

Fox 10 News did a story on Cold Urticaria which basically is an allergy to cold temperatures. With cold temperature exposure whether it be cold air, ice cube, or even ice cream, it can cause an allergic reaction resulting in lip swelling, drop in blood pressure, rash, significant itchiness, etc. There has even been cases where a person will go into anaphylactic shock if they jump into a cold swimming pool.

Oddly enough, the symptoms typically occur AFTER warming up after a cold exposure due histamine release.

Beyond avoiding cold things, there's no "cure" for this condition. Symptoms can be controlled with antihistamines.

Watch the story below! Or read the story here. Here's another story from a different source.

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Fauquier ENT

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Cholinergic Urticaria Guy said...

That was a good video and a great post.

I am always glad when people give press attention to the physical urticarias, because they are often ignored in the medical community.

I have cholinergic urticaria, which means I get hives when my body heats up. It is the opposite of cold urticaria.

What is even more strange, is that some have both cold urticaria and cholinergic urticaria at the same time! Can you imagine that.

Anyway, thanks for the article and video, it was interesting!

Anonymous said...


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Allergy to cold is somewhat difficult to explain this is when I'm exposed to temperature changes, or when I'm in a very cold air conditioning or as an eat ice cream

Unknown said...

I have a 8 yr old son w/ severe cold urticaria.
He has gone into anaphylaxis & respiratory arrest.
It is now systemic where he can not eat anything cold and he has had reactions in 70 and 80 degree
temps from sweating and the winds cooling on his
skin. I am desperately seeking info from any other family with someone who unfortunately suffers with the same illness. This is so bizzare. We have no hereditary signs and am wondering about a seconday cause. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated. We live in Upper Michigan which makes things worse. God Bless!!

The Cold Urticaria Foundation said...

Cold Urticaria Foundation

The Cold Urticaria Foundation is currently looking for volunteers.
We are looking for volunteers to help on an on-going basis to bring more awareness and education about Cold Urticaria to the general public and to help patients and families cope with this disease.

We are also looking for help with our upcoming "Fire & Ice" Masquerade Ball & Silent Auction.

If you have a passion for helping others, and think you have skills or knowledge that would be useful to our organization.

Please send us an email with the following:

-Resume (preferred but not required)
-Time you can dedicate a week to The Cold Urticaria Foundation



Anonymous said...

Yes, I can imagine that. My daughter has both. You think having one or the other is no fun and difficult to manage, try having both!

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