January 23, 2010

Cell Phone Use May Cause Ear Pain/Dermatitis

With increasing use of cell phones in the population, there seems to be an increasing number of patients who present with complaints of pain in/around the ear with cell phone use. When cell phone use ceases, the pain/discomfort fades only to return with use.

In this scenario, something to consider is contact dermatitis due to the cell phone. Why? Apparently, many cell phone casings contain free nickel which often causes skin problems, just like cheap jewelry.

Check out this table which shows the results of nickel spot testing on 23 different cell phones.

Read a research paper on this topic here.

There is also concern regarding the electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones that may also cause blood circulation changes that may lead to discomfort as well.
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Anonymous said...

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H Miracle said...

That was an innovative approach.

Anonymous said...

I think it's true that any type of radiation causes ear pain.
Specially to those people sensitive to wireless things.
I have noticed that everytime I eat food that's cooked in microwave, I get that stupid, boring earrache again.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but if someone's listening, I need some help. Or if anyone could guide my where i could find the help i require.. I have been having pain around and behind the ears for some years now. While i have shown to several experts - ENT, Dentists (got my wisdom teeth removed), Orthopaedic, neurologists but no one has been able to do the correct diagnosis. Even the MRI has not shown any disorder. I also got some Ayurvedic treatment done (Karna Puran) where in warm oil is poured into the ears, but that hasn't helped any. I use glasses, and after a few hours of constant use, the nerves behind the ears begin hurting. Tiny little ear rings also cause the ears to ache. Not being able to get to the cause is highly frustrating.
If anyone happens to know where i could address this issue, I'd be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried a deep massage around your scapula, shoulder and neck on that side? A lot of nerves from there can cause referred pain to the ear, eyes and head.

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