September 24, 2009

Bifid Uvula

I recently saw a patient with a most impressive bifid uvula. For those who don't know, the uvula is the midline dangling thing in the back of the mouth. Normally, there's only one, but in this patient, there are 2.

If the clefting extended not only through the uvula, but also the palate, than that would be called a cleft palate. In other words, a bifid uvula is a birth defect that almost became a cleft palate.

A bifid uvula has no impact on swallowing or talking and no further intervention is required.

Here is another slight variation known as a double uvula.

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Anonymous said...

I was looking on the web for bifid uvula's and saw this picture and this post. My son also has a bifid uvula. This is what lead to my son being diagnosed with Loey's-Dietz Syndrome (a rare genetic connective tissue disorder that put him at higher risks for anuyserums and dissections (enlarged arotic root). I don't know if you are familiar with this syndrome, but just wanted to pass the word on since you must see this alot. You can save a life, they just need to start with an echocaridogram.

You can find more information on this syndrome at or if you wish, you can email me -

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