August 08, 2009

High Tech Tonsillectomy: Quantum Molecular Resonance Tonsillectomy

I did not make that up which sounds like something out of Star Trek... there is actually a device called the Molecular Quantum Generator made by Vesalius that incorporates quantum molecular resonance coagulation that uses molecular resonance to cut and coagulate precisely, cleanly, and without any bleeding, all at low tissue temperature levels (not more than 45-50 degrees C). This technology does offer a new possibility for tonsillectomy patients allowing for faster recovery without increase in complications.

In fact, there is a study out that most favorably compares to the current coblation technology that is most commonly used to perform tonsillectomy in the United States (including that used in our practice).

You can watch a video of tonsillectomy being performed using quantum molecular resonance technology here. Here's a video of a tonsillectomy using coblation technology.

Unfortunately, this technology is not offered in the United States... yet...

A video of a coblation tonsillectomy is shown below:

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