August 08, 2009

Does Weather Temperatures Influence Patient Sickness Levels?

According to a new Harvard Medical School Study it does. In a research paper called "Does annual temperature influence the prevalence of otolaryngologic respiratory diseases?" published in the July 2009 Laryngoscope, the author analyzed the prevalence of upper respiratory diseases between the years 1998 to 2006.

What was found by regression analysis through the study years was that there was no significant relationship between average annual temperature and the prevalence of disease for hay fever, jaw pain, or chronic bronchitis. HOWEVER, a statistically significant but small regression coefficient (0.004) was noted for an increasing prevalence of sinusitis with increasing annual temperature (P = .031).

Given global warming is occurring, this does have impact on overall population health and quality of life as temperatures slowly rise. Yet another reason to fight global warming. It is making us more sick!

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