July 03, 2009

Best Cell Phones for People Who Wear Hearing Aids

As wireless carriers move from analog to digital services, accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing is a concern. Digital technology means more features and improved efficiency—but some digital phones can cause interference for hearing aid users.

Both ATT and Verizon have webpages that list cell phones that are compatible with hearing aids as well as give ratings on the level of compatibility. Such compatibility ratings are M- and T-Ratings. The higher the M- or T-Ratings, the better the cell phone will work the hearing aids.

ATT Webpage
Verizon Webpage

Phones with an M-Rating of M3 or M4 meet FCC requirements and are less likely to generate interference to hearing devices than phones that are not labeled.

A telecoil is a small device that is built into some hearing aids for use with the telephone as well as assistive listening devices. Not all hearing aids have telecoils. Phones with a T-Rating of T3 or T4 meet FCC requirements and are more likely to work well for people who use hearing aids with telecoils with telephones.

More information on M- and T-Ratings...

As always, we recommend to TRY before you buy...
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