August 30, 2008

New Webpage on Lump in the Throat Sensation (Part 2)

A new webpage has been posted describing what may be causing a lump or foreign body sensation in the throat (globus pharyngeus). As many of our readers may already be aware, we already have a webpage on this subject. However, we have gone into further detail depending on where exactly the lump sensation is located.

The new webpage is specifically geared towards abnormal throat sensation between the voicebox and chin. Symptoms in this location is most often due to problems in the base of tongue region, especially the lingual tonsils.

The old webpage was specifically pertinent for lump sensations between the sternum and the voicebox. Symptoms in this location is most often due to stress or reflux (LPR).

Some over-the-counter medications used to treat relux are listed below:

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