April 14, 2008

Laryngospasm Pressure Point

There is a technique that has been around for at least half a century that may help patients who suffer from laryngospasm attacks.

It is actually a technique used by anesthesiologists to abort laryngospasm while a person is under general anesthesia. Basically, there is a "pressure point" known as the laryngospasm notch located right behind a person's earlobe, but in front of the mastoid bone. One needs to press very firmly deep and forward towards the nose on both sides when an attack occurs. If performed properly, it should hurt quite a bit and resolve the attack quite rapidly (within 10 seconds). This technique is called the "Larson Maneuver".

Here is a link to a journal article on the laryngospasm pressure point.

Read more about vocal cord dysfunction and laryngospasm here.

Video demonstrating the Larson maneuver is shown below.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! I have previously scoured the internet for a pressure point to stop laryngospasm. I suffer from this, and my doctors have shown no interest in helping, so I'm looking for self-help information. I will now add this to my arsenal!

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