May 09, 2024

Lip Bump (Mucocele) Treatment

A small, painless intra-oral bump may appear on the lip, cheeks, or floor of mouth known as an oral mucocele. In the video above, the cyst happens to be on the visible part of the lip. In the video below, the cyst is located in the inside part of the lip. 

The mass itself is soft when pressed. Most commonly found on the lower lip, this cystic mass is caused by the accumulation of mucous secretions, often provoked by traumatic injury or habitual lip biting.

Mucoceles are prone to rupture and subsequent reformation. The treatment of choice is surgical excision as shown in these videos, though occasionally, it may resolve on its own without any treatment.

 Lip mucoceles are typically treated by ENT physicians or oral surgeons. 

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