September 02, 2023

What is the Most Common Tinnitus Frequency?

Low Pitch: 0-1000 Hz
Medium Pitch: 1000-5000 Hz
High Pitch: 5000-10,000 Hz
Very High Pitch: 10,000 - 25,000 Hz

The real-time graph shown above is the result of an on-going survey of tinnitus sufferers voluntarily submitting their tinnitus frequency. The graph above is broken into pitch ranges whereas the graph shown below is further divided into hertz ranges. The graphs automatically update as new survey responses are completed.

Believe it or not, we do not actually know the answer to this question which is why this survey is being taken! Nobody has done a methodical study on tabulating the tinnitus frequency of individuals. (Only two can be found on an internet search. One was performed by a company and reported on a blog and another was more focused on psychoacoustics; overall, they report most cases of tinnitus is between 5000 - 10,000 Hz which our results also seem to support.)

To that end, we have created this online survey that opened on Sept 2, 2023. If you suffer from tinnitus, please consider sharing your specific tinnitus frequency on this ONE question survey form to add to the results!

To figure out your tinnitus frequency, you can use either a tinnitus matching program or a tinnitus frequency finder.

Submit your tinnitus frequency on this

ONE question survey!

Please note that there are some weaknesses to this type of survey study... First, individuals self-determine their tinnitus frequency and voluntarily submit. Second, results may be biased to those who suffer from severe enough tinnitus that they even bother going through these steps. It is possible that the results may be different if every single patient with tinnitus, whether bothersome or not, completes the survey.

As such, due to these concerns, the results are probably more reflective of the most common bothersome tinnitus!

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