August 15, 2022

Glaucoma, Cataracts, & Eye Floaters

Although I am an ENT, some common eye specific animations have been created with Dr. Stacy Smith, an ophthalmologist friend in Utah. I also have some personal stake in these eye conditions mainly because I have family members who have glaucoma and have undergone eye surgery for cataracts and Fuch's Dystrophy (cornea transplant). Check out the videos below!

Furthermore I, along with many others, have eye floaters which I have learned to just ignore unless I actively look for them.

I never took an ophthalmology rotation during my medical education and as such, did not truly understand what these eye conditions were other than having memorized a basic definition. So, quite the education for myself as well!

As a side note, I also took a greater interest in my eye education during the COVID-19 pandemic when I suddenly needed new eyeglasses as well as prescription safety goggles. But given all ophtho and optometry locations were closed, I ended up having to figure out my eyeglass progressive prescriptions and entering the correct values to online eyeglass shops like Zenni (for regular eyeglasses) and Scoggles (prescription bifocal safety goggles). In the end, this worked out great because it is SO much cheaper to get eyeglasses online than from stores (like $200-$300 cheaper).

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