September 21, 2021

Chamomile Nasal Spray... An Organic Natural Way to Help with Nasal Allergy Symptoms

Researchers in 2021 have evaluated whether chamomile liquid extract can help with nasal allergy sufferers and determined that it does significantly improve symptoms compared with regular saline nasal spray. Prior studies were only evaluated in animal studies, but this is the first to rigorously test whether it truly helps or not.

The study compared between 4 different test groups:

- isotonic seawater spray with chamomile liquid extract

- isotonic seawater spray

- isotonic seawater nasal irrigation 

- nasal steroid spray without nasal washing treatment

Amazingly, the chamomile nasal spray worked better with respect to symptoms and nasociliary function than the other three comparison groups including the steroid nasal spray which is considered treatment de rigueur. 

For those who wish to avoid steroids and antihistamines whether due to side effects or for personal reasons, chamomile nasal spray may be worth considering.

You can make it at home adding 3-5 drops of chamomile liquid extract to every ounce of normal saline.


Comparison of Isotonic Seawater Nasal Spray Containing Chamomile Liquid Extract and Other Isotonic Seawater Nasal Washing Solutions for Allergic Rhinitis. Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology. June 2021. doi:10.1177/00034894211025411

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-allergic Effects of German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants. Volume 14, 2011 - Issue 5. Pages 549-558 | Received 09 Jul 2010, Accepted 22 Feb 2011, Published online: 12 Mar 2013

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