June 12, 2021

What Allergy Medication Should I Take? Can I Take More Than One?

One of the most common reasons patients come to see an ENT doctor are for allergy complaints... Not the fact that allergy symptoms are present... but why symptoms are not getting better after trying one or more different types of allergy medications. An underlying question is what is the best allergy medication to take for their specific symptoms. Another is whether more than one can be taken safely (follow up question would be which combination of allergy medications are OK).

In order to answer all these questions, but because of the large number of variables involved that change with what symptoms are present, I created a simple interactive webpage in which an individual can check off what symptoms they have... and it spits out what allergy medications will probably work best for a given individual with their unique combination of allergy symptoms. 

Here is a screen shot of the form where one can check off the allergy symptoms a person is suffering from:

Depending on the responses, suggested allergy medication recommendations will pop-up below within colored boxes:

Hopefully, many allergy sufferers will find this information useful!

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