March 26, 2021

ClearUp Device Helps Alleviate Allergic Congestion and Sinus Discomfort Without Any Medications


A new device called ClearUp was recently cleared by the FDA for purchase over-the-counter as a Class 2 medical device. ClearUP is a non-invasive treatment to temporarily relieve allergy-related sinus pain and congestion without the need for any medications in those over 18 years old. It works by delivering targeted microcurrent waveforms (low-current electrical stimulation) to the trigeminal nerve. 

The user glides the device along the outer sinus passages at the designated areas along the cheek, nose and brow bone. After turning it on an selecting the intensity level, guide the device tip along the cheek, nose and under the brow bone. Stop when the device vibrates, indicating it has identified a treatment point. The device then transmits microcurrent to this point. After seven seconds ClearUP will stop vibrating, prompting the user to resume gliding it along the designated areas. Continue this process around the cheek, nose and brow bone on both sides of the face for five minutes. 

Based on a single clinical trial conducted at Stanford, about 75% of participants experience symptom relief that lasted up to 6 hours.

You can buy the device online on Amazon here. Check out our online store of other allergy treatments here.

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