September 08, 2020

Black Hairy Tongue Causes and Treatment Video

A new video has been created describing black hairy tongue. Black hairy tongue is a relatively rare acquired condition that can literally turn the tongue's color black. It is considered harmless and self-limited. In the video, we will go over what it is as well as what can trigger this condition and what can be done to potentially resolve this problem.

Many of the treatment suggestions mentioned in the video can be purchased on Amazon:

First-Line Treatments:
• Tongue Scraper:
• CloSys Toothpaste:
• Tom's Toothpaste:
• IoRinse (not mentioned in the video):

Second-Line Treatments:
• 1% Gentian Violet:
• 3% hydrogen peroxide (although there are some anecdotal reports that this may trigger black hairy tongue):
• 50% trichloroacetic acid:
• 40% urea solution:
• Salicylic acid:
• Vitamin B complex:
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