April 15, 2020

Fauquier ENT Offering Immune Testing to Determine if You are High Risk for Severe COVID-19 Illness

Are you at high-risk or in a vulnerable category for COVID-19?

The CDC outlined certain risk factors for severe COVD-19 illness, such as 65 years of age or older, serious heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, liver or kidney disease, and / or immunocompromised health (immune deficiency).

Immunocompromise would allow an employee to stay at home and qualify for pay under the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act passed on 3/18/20. This additional benefit is separate from any paid time off you have with your employer.

If you have an immune deficiency, please continue your treatment under the guidance of your immunologist.

If you do not know the status of your immune system or have never been tested for immune deficiency, our office can assist you through a BLOOD test to evaluate your immune system. This information is important to understand if you are considered high risk for severe COVID-19 illness.

Please keep in mind that this bloodwork does NOT check for active COVID-19 infection... rather it tests to see how strong or weak your immune system is overall in fighting any infection as well as determining whether you have any antibodies against COVID-19. This bloodwork is not just a CBC or white blood count which is commonly obtained as part of a routine health office visit, but rather measures various different antibody levels.

If you are interested in getting tested for possible immune deficiency, please contact our office. Although an in-office visit is not required, a telemedicine visit is required at a minimum. Our office will call with results which usually takes 1-2 weeks after blood is drawn.

Suggestion of possible immune system dysfunction include adult history of frequent upper respiratory infections, frequent sinus infections, frequent pneumonia or bronchitis, or frequent ear infections within the past few years.

COVID-19 antibody serology testing can be considered if you suspect you might have suffered COVID-19 illness at least 4 weeks ago.

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