January 14, 2020

Fauquier ENT Receives Award From YouTube

Fauquier ENT recently was awarded the "Silver Creator Award" from YouTube. Per YouTube, the silver button award is only given to video channels who have at least 100,000+ verified subscribers along with other criteria noted here:
"Creator Awards are given at YouTube's sole discretion and we only recognize creators that have played by the rules. Channels are subject to review before awards are issued. That means rewarding creators that keep their accounts in good standing without copyright strikes, community guideline violations, or artificially increased subscriber counts, among other criteria."
As of today, Fauquier ENT YouTube channel currently has almost 120,000+ total subscribers and 335+ millions views total. Our videos average 100 new subscribers per day as well as 50,000 views per day (though on some rare and exceptional days, can reach 500,000 views in one day).

Thanks to all our subscribers, patients, and viewers who made this possible!

Check out our YouTube channel here and subscribe if you have not already done so!

At my wife's urging, I also made a "surgical" unboxing video... Check it out below! I noticed that most unboxing videos featured creators who cried, acted crazy, or generally made a fool of themselves. I thought I would do it differently featuring an unboxing video that is consistent with my overall channel's subject matter.

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