June 04, 2019

MyoGuide: Ultra-Portable EMG

A new video has been created describing the use of an ultra-portable EMG device called MyoGuide. I've probably been using this compact unit for almost 10 years and given its usefulness and durability, felt a video on this device warranted, especially for otolaryngologists. Most EMG units are huge and require a small cart to move around, but this unit is the size of a hand.

The compact unit contains a high-fidelity amplifier with built-in audio speaker and EMG signal display. Although not sufficient for diagnostic uses which may limit its appeal to neurologists, it is plenty good enough for procedural directed needle placement. Such procedures include botox injections for spasmodic dysphonia, cervical dystonia, facial spasms, etc. Although most otolaryngologists will use EMG for passive muscle activity detection, active stimulation is also possible.

The device is made by Intronix Technologies, a Canadian company, but distributed in the United States by Allergan.

Check out the video!
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