November 19, 2018

Ear Tube Placement in Kids without Sedation

Our office routinely performs traditional ear tube placements in the office, without sedation, starting from the age of 12 years. For those younger than 12 years, ear tube placement typically requires general anesthesia, not for pain reasons, but because in order for the procedure to be performed safely, the child has to be totally still. However, a new device called Hummingbird TTS allows for the possibility for ear tube placement without sedation in younger kids. Why? The device allows for simultaneous incision and tube placement with a single pass whereas traditional ear tube placement requires 3 instrument passes which takes time. As such, with the Hummingbird TTS device, an ear tube can be placed even if there's some minimal head movement.

Please be aware that Hummingbird TTS is not currently offered in our office yet. To find the closest office that does offer, please check out this website:

Watch the video here!

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