October 16, 2018

ClariFix - Surgical Treatment for the Persistent Runny Nose

Our office now offers ClariFix, a surgical treatment for the persistent runny nose due to non-allergic rhinitis as well as severe allergies. This procedure is performed in the office under only local anesthesia. Watch the video above to see how it works.

Patient who are candidates for this procedure include:

• Be over 18 years old
• Suffer from an intractable runny nose in spite of medications (or desire to reduce the number medications to treat the runny nose)
• Have no significant anatomic nasal deformities (ie, deviated septum, very large obstructive turbinates, nasal polyps, etc)
• Not be on any type of blood thinner
• And NOT suffer from any of these conditions: recurrent nosebleeds, cryoglobulinemia, cold urticaria, raynaud’s disease, chronic sinus infections, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, neuropathic conditions

To read more about ClariFix, click here.

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