June 23, 2018

New Video Showing When and How to Use Ear Drops

Given antibiotic ear drops are one of the more common prescriptions ENT doctors prescribe, this video explains how to properly use ear drops both in kids in adults in 5 steps to treat mild swimmer's ear infections (otitis externa) as well as middle ear infections with or without drainage (assuming hole or tube is present in the eardrum).

Step 1: Lean the head over such that the affected ear is pointed straight up.

Step 2: Pull the ear gently towards the top and back part of the head. This straightens the ear canal which is normally curved so the drops can fall as deeply into the ear canal as possible.

Step 3: Squeeze the correct number of drops into the ear after the bottle has been shaken and warmed to body temperature.

Step 4: During and after drop placement, pump the tragal cartilage in order to force the drops as deeply down into the ear canal as possible. Otherwise, due to water surface tension, it tends to float near the entrance where it does no good.

Step 5: Keep the head tilted for 2-5 minutes to allow gravity to disperse the ear drops as thoroughly as possible.

Watch the video!

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