May 30, 2018

CPAP Mask Allergy? Try a Cloth CPAP Mask

Cloth CPAP Mask by Circadiance
For patients with obstructive sleep apnea, CPAP is the gold standard treatment. Most CPAP masks are made of plastic which is fine for the majority of patients. However, for a minority, the plastic itself seems to cause sino-nasal problems due to mucosal irritation from the plastic "fumes" or skin irritation from the plastic sitting against the skin.

For those suffering from sino-nasal congestion with CPAP use, trying steroid nasal sprays as well as anti-histamine nasal sprays may be helpful.

However, continued nasal spray use just so one can use a CPAP mask is less than ideal and also would not help those suffering from skin reactions.

That's where CPAP masks made from cloth can be considered.

The main brand that makes cloth CPAP masks is Circadiance. Known as their SleepWeaver series, there are several different styles available for purchase. You can also purchase some styles on Amazon!

If you have problems with a CPAP mask due to the plastic material, this type of cloth mask is certainly an option to consider!

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