April 06, 2018

Dr. Chang Assisting in the Production of DIY Physical Therapy

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In early 2018, Dr. Chang was asked by a pair of physical therapists, Andy Dart and Nick Gallo, to see about making some videos to help individuals perform physical therapy at home rather than in a medical office. Such DIY videos are helpful ESPECIALLY because there is often a yearly insurance cap on physical and speech therapy services combined (~$3700).

After agreeing to help make these videos, it was noted that there are already MANY physical therapy videos online. In order to distinguish ourselves from the rest, we decided to focus on four main points:

• Keep it concise and to the point
• Keep it short (under 5 minutes)
• Keep it professional
• Incorporate animation when appropriate

With a plan to upload ~2 new videos per month, we would like to introduce Physical Therapy 101 YouTube Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to help grow the channel!

For a taste, below is one video on physical therapy for a frozen shoulder using pulley's. Keep in mind that Dr. Chang is quite clueless when it comes to physical therapy. He's just the guy helping to make the videos by editing the raw video footage.

DISCLAIMER: These videos are being produced for informational and educational purposes only. These videos are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Such professional advice should come from a certified physical therapist or physician... but NOT Dr. Chang who is a mere ENT. He is just helping to edit the raw video footage taken during production.

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